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Introducing the new Event Sponsorship Plug In.

by Sarah Halfpenny

Over the last 6 months, we have seen an increasing need to support our clients with their event sponsorship efforts. Gaining event sponsorship is often essential to an events viability. Achieving sponsorship to fund an events development and delivery, is however, seldom a quick and straightforward task. This is where we can help!

We have developed a sponsorship toolkit of “plug in’s” ranging from templates, research and training, that can support your events development and viability.

For some, receiving our templates, such as a sponsorship brief or sponsorship proposal is all that is required. For others, receiving some analysis and list of potential prospects has proved invaluable. For others, managing the sponsors once they are on board, has saved time and provided reassurance that all aspects of the agreement are honoured.

The benefits of tapping into our Sponsorship Plug in is clear.
• It will save you time on researching potential prospects and writing proposals
• It will provide you with branded, concise and realistic sponsorship proposals ready to send.
• It will provide you with support when meeting potential prospects and negotiating deals.
• It will give you peace of mind that your sponsors will be looked after and that the sponsorship package is honoured
• It will allow you more time to build the relationships as you won’t be distracted with logistics.

For those who just need a little guidance and advice, we are now also offering a 2-hour mentoring session that allows you to fast track your understanding on how to seek, approach and manage the perfect sponsorship deal for your event.

So, if you are contemplating seeking sponsorship for your next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss what ‘plug ins would benefit you.

Email today.
Offers start from only £100!