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Don’t underestimate the power of the event brief

by Sarah Halfpenny

The key to producing a great event isn’t just in the execution. Formulating a clear and concise Event Brief is crucial in articulating the aims and objectives and added value elements your event can offer.

When it comes to planning an event, people often only have one simple objective in mind, to launch a product, present a case study or debate a topic etc. While this may well be the main driver behind delivering the event, events can provide so much more and your Event Brief is a great tool to help you expand your ideas, define your format and even change direction.

An Event Brief will walk you through the main elements of an event from the simple information like the date, location, venue and budget to the potential title, topic, content and speakers. It will challenge you on the objectives and why a delegate would wish to attend. Help define your target audience, list where you will find them and the content that could be captured. It will also flag possible sponsors, potential partners and PR opportunities.

Successful events are those that have engaged all key stakeholders at this Event Brief stage. Allowing them to question, discuss, debate and re articulate all elements. By gaining the input and commitment from key stakeholders at this early stage, the direction of the event will be unlikely to change during production. In my experience producing an Event Brief does takes time, coordination and patience but when it’s done, it’s full steam ahead and surely this is every Event Managers ultimate scenario!