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How a £760 investment created 5 positive PR outcomes

by Sarah Halfpenny

An event is a great marketing tactic and should be considered as a key component of any communications and PR plan. So, if you have something to communicate, tell customers or inform stakeholders, an event can provide an excellent opportunity to showcase what you do. In addition, it provides the perfect opportunity to create confident content that can feed into your press and PR activities for weeks and months to come.

In this Insight, I wanted to share with you a quick case study of how a £760 event investment created 5 positive PR outcomes!

The Client:
The client was a SME working within the competitive HR and Financial Services Sector. They wanted to host an event where they could generate some positive Press and PR around the launch of a new set of Online Tools. With limited budget to spend it was imperative that the event had a clear set of objectives, financial parameters and well-defined project plan.

Event Objectives:
After some discussion, the following event objectives were established. The event was to:

1. Inform invited guests of the Company’s new initiative, helping to position themselves as Industry Experts and Thought Leaders
2. Create opportunity to undertake 1-2-1 ‘sprint’ meetings with potential new clients
3. Use the event as an opportunity to capture content and commentary through interviews, quotes and photos
4. Create opportunity for local business owners to network, collaborate and do business

Event Format: The Breakfast Briefing
After careful consideration, the chosen format was a Breakfast Briefing to be held in a central London location between 7.30am and 10.30am. Analyzing the target audience, typically Heads of HR and Finance Departments, it was felt that an early morning meeting over breakfast would encourage clear and direct communication, targeted discussion and fast track networking, and all before mid-morning.

Content Creation:
The content was carefully staged managed, focusing only on the new Online Tools and associated topics. A content plan was created. Photos, both staged and informal were taken. Presentations, interviews, audience reaction and endorsement were captured on film. An event review, product review and interview with the CEO and Industry Thought Leaders both on film and written, all contributed to the final Press and PR messages. The key publishing channels included the company website, newsletter and magazine, inclusion in industry press and coverage on a number of relevant online community platforms.

Event Results:
With an investment of just £760, the event created the following results:

1. 55 selected delegates attended of which 100% found the event worthwhile and informative. This audience reaction translated onto many online community groups including LinkedIn.

2. 23 ‘Sprint’ meetings took place resulting in 19 further 1-2-1 meetings post event. Within a month all 19 had been converted to new clients.

3. Filmed content was captured including a demonstration of the Online Tool, formal presentation and interviews. These were then published resulting in over 2,000 views within a week.

4. Testimonials and endorsements were captured from Thought Leaders and Delegates alike, resulting in 14 positive soundbites which were published across all marketing channels.

5. 6 pieces of written content were produced and published included a product review, event review, press release and ‘new initiative’ article in Industry magazine.

As a marketing tactic, there is no doubt that this Breakfast Briefing event yielded some noticeable positive press and PR coverage. From the informative demonstrations and presentations to the array of positive comments and endorsements captured, the event enabled the production of some unique content which could be sliced and diced across multiple communications channels.

Ultimately, the event ended up being at the very heart of the subsequent communications plan to promote the new Online Tool and Company alike.

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